Linux World Map

Quite well done, in the style of the XKCD Community Map. Big Enough to have as a new desktop Wallpaper too.

Published: 21 May 2011 # — Tags: funny, linux

Richard Wilkins Gets Done by Colbert

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Jeff Goldblum Will Be Missed
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Published: 5 July 2009 # — Tags: funny


Well this year is almost over, and as the year starts to fade into the sunset and while we wait for the sky to be lit up with taxpayers money, I share the following YouTube Clip with you (care of James Dumay).

Published: 31 December 2007 # — Tags: funny

Microsoft proves they don't listen well

It seems that live performances of products never go to key for microsoft.

Published: 30 July 2006 # — Tags: funny, microsoft

Disturbing songs of 2006

Well, if the words to the song, are really what they have been translated to be, then this is probably going to be one of the most disturbing songs of all time.

Boten Anna Music Clip with English Subs

Who would've thought an IRC Bot would have a song written about it.

Edit: Unfortunately, the words are real, and so is the song. Thanks for confirming the fear Wikipedia.

Published: 20 June 2006 # — Tags: funny, irc


Do you have a hard earned thrist, that needs a good cold liquid? And is that good cold liquid not Victoria Bitter? And do you want something that is nice and healthy?

Oh, and you do have 4 legs right?

Then you should try Aqua Dog or Dogade today. (Safe for human consumption too apparently...)

Published: 8 April 2006 # — Tags: funny

The real reason governments don't want to move to linux....

Thanks to linux_galore for the link:

Have a read, made me chuckle, a lot.

Published: 26 March 2006 # — Tags: funny, linux